I love old toys!  Here are some photos of my collection.

This silly-looking baby rattle is made of celluloid, an early plastic.


The bears at my house are always ready for a cup of tea.


Here’s an old game called “Puzzle-Peg.” Historians say peg games date back to the 17th century.

Peg Game

Meet my childhood dolls, Kathy and Bunny. Kathy misbehaved a lot! She even took puffs of my mom’s cigarettes!


Here’s a homemade church made of wood.

Wooden Church



It sure must be fun for paper dolls to wear new outfits.


And dolls enjoy digging through this trunk to pick out their next outfit.

Doll Trunk and Clothes

This picture breaks my heart. It’s a picture of a doll I don’t have anymore, Baby Sue. I don’t know why I didn’t keep her. In the photo, I’m giving her a bath in my backyard in Baltimore.

Baby Sue

These aren’t officially toys, but my husband Cliff used chicken egg cups when he was a boy.


Myrtle was my mom’s panda when she was a little girl and still is!  She lives in Baltimore with Mom.


Jars of marbles!


I like to pretend that mychina doll made this ABC sampler.


My great-aunt brought me these dolls from her trip to Venice, Italy.

Dolls from Venice

This is Rudie the Reindeer. My sister-in-law made him for my daughters when they were little. He lives in the attic and only comes down to visit us at Christmas.


Cookie Cutters!  Cookies!  Yum!

Cookie Cutters

The story of Mother Hubbard and her poor hungry dog. I love Mother Goose rhymes for their rhythm and playful language.

Mother Hubbard

This isn’t really a toy, but here’s a nightgown I wore when I was three and a hanger from my mom’s childhood.


Watercolors.  I like to think about the child who made the splotches!

Paint Box

Paint Box Splotches

A wooden puzzle inspired by the Mother Goose rhyme, “Ride a Cock Horse to Bambury Cross.”


And a sort of odd-looking bus!