Birthday Bird and I welcome you to my artist website!

I paint with acrylics because the colors are vibrant and the medium is forgiving. Each of my paintings tells a bit of a story. The viewer gets to figure out what happens next. The paintings are ready to hang, so they can begin their new life right away. I’m honored that many of my paintings are displayed in children’s bedrooms and school classrooms.




A new artist, I sometimes jump out of bed and begin to paint first thing in the morning. Painting makes me happy. Those who see my work say it makes them happy too. I’ve sold over one hundred paintings and been featured in art exhibits in my home town of Hillsborough, North Carolina. I also teach beginning acrylic workshops for kids and adults.

If you’d like more information about my art or you want to buy a painting, please contact me at BKYounger@gmail.com. I am pleased to ship a painting for $10.



Egret Ponders the Day Ahead on the Marsh. 18 by 24. $65.



Crocodile Takes His First Walk in the Snow. 12 by 9. $45.


Great Blue Heron Says Good Morning to the Lighthouse. 11 by 14. $45.


Kitty with Heart

Kitty, Ready for the Valentine’s Tea. 14 by 18. $55.



Sheep, Whose Happiness is Transparent on a Sunny Day. 9 by 13. $40.



Philosophy Bird Ponders Ancient Schemes. 12 by 12 on up-cycled canvas and light blue frame. $45.



Rabbit Arrives at the Estate. 16 by 20. $55.


Cat in Snow

“The Flakes Are Huge,” Said Cat. 12 by 12. $45.



Two Friendly Sea Monsters and a Giant Flying Fish Guide the Ferry to Bald Head Island. 12 by 9. $40.



Fish, Puzzled Over Many Things Especially the Impermanence of Bubbles. 12 by 12. $40.


Cow- 7 by 12

Cow Wishing the Grass Tasted Like Buttercream (7 by 12 up-cycled metal plaque). $30.


Flowers in the Field

I Chanced Upon Three Flowers in the Field. 11 by 14. $45.



Fish Negotiations

Fish Negotiations. 12 by 12. $40.



Bird Chases Blue Skies. 8 by 10 on wooden block. $40.


Happy Flowers

Happy Flowers. 10 by 8. $40.


A Thousand Flowers

A Thousand Flowers Greet the Morning. 12 by 9. $40.



Seagull Adds to His Sea Glass Collection. 20 by 20. $60.


Five Minutes Before the Bus

Five Minutes Before the School Bus. 20 by 20. $55.


Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters Head to the Cottage for a Cup of Tea. 12 by 12. $40.



Sea Gull Sings Goodnight to the Lighthouse. 12 by 12. $45.


Baby Owl

Baby Owl Soaks in the Wisdom of the Skies. 8 by 8. $30.



All Things Bring Some Gold. 16 by 20. $55.


After Picasso

After Picasso. 20 by 16. $50.



Kat, Ready for her Interview. 16 by 20. $55.


Bird and Plane

Bird and Plane Cheer Up the Sky on a Gray, Gloomy Day. 9 by 12. $30.


Mother Mary

Mother Mary Comes to Me. 9 by 12. $40.


I also do custom orders:  Let me know what you’d like. Katie requested a pig!




On Exhibit Now (and for sale): Toys Escaping! I did a series of 16 paintings for the Orange County Historical Museum here in Hillsborough, North Carolina. I was asked to do the paintings to coordinate with an antique toy exhibit that opened April 26 and runs into Spring 2020.

The toy paintings are for sale, and all of the proceeds go to support children’s programming at the museum. Large paintings are $65 or two for $100. Small paintings are $40 or two for $70.


Ms. Bear Moves into the Oval Office. 20 by 20. Sold.


Snuggle Bunny Escapes the Nursery

Snuggle Bunny Escapes the Nursery.  20 by 16.


Bathub Sailboat Dreams of the Great Lakes

Bathtub Sailboat Dreams of the Great Lakes. 11 by 14.


Paint Set Decorates the Sky on a Gray, Gloomy Day

Watercolor Set Decorates the Sky on a Gray, Gloomy Day. 20 by 16. Sold.


Play Dinosaur Morphs into a Real One and Visits the Museum

Play Dinosaur Morphs into a Real One and Visits the Museum. 20 by 20. 


Bunny on Wheels Takes Off

 Bunny on Wheels Takes Off. 16 by 20.



Plastic Unicorn Finds a Real Pot of Gold. 14 by 11.


Vintage Sheep and Yoyo Enjoy the Breeze

Vintage Sheep and Yo-yo Enjoy the Breeze. 16 by 20.


Rag Doll

Rag Doll on Her Way to Town for a Store-bought Dress. 12 by 12.



Kaleidoscope Studies Her Own Shapes in the Mirror. 16 by 20.


The Kittens Stand Guard but Where are the Dolls

The Kittens Stand Guard but Where Are the Dolls? 14 by 14.


Play Dough

Play Dough Flowers in a Play Dough Pot Decorate the Palace of a Real Queen.

12 by 12.


The Marbles Have a Field Day

The Marbles Have a Field Day. 20 by 16.



Rocket Ship Heads Straight to Mars. 12 by 24. Sold.


Toy Kitchen

Toy Kitchen Bakes a Cake. 14 by 14.



Xylophone Takes a Bow at Symphony Hall. 14 by 11.


Galleries and Shops: I have lots more paintings at local galleries and shops. It’s an honor to have my work displayed at these creative and upbeat places. Hooray for gallery and shop owners who support local artists.

Margaret Lane Gallery in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Solgarden in Mebane, North Carolina

The Main Line in Graham, North Carolina



Barbara Younger

Katherine Paterson Prize

My picture book manuscript, Randolph Caldecott, Forever in Motion, won Honorable Mention for the 2018 Katherine Paterson Prize.

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Click on a painting to land on my art page. This is Ms. Bear Moves into the Oval Office.

This is Snuggle Bunny Escapes the Nursery. I painted a series of toy paintings for the Orange County Historical Museum.

I love painting abstracts. This is Five Minutes Before the School Bus

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