Birthday Bird and I welcome you to my artist website!

I paint with acrylics because the colors are vibrant and the medium is forgiving. Each of my paintings tells a bit of a story. The viewer gets to figure out what happens next. The paintings are ready to hang, so they can begin their new life right away. I’m honored that many of my paintings are displayed in children’s bedrooms and school classrooms.

A new artist, I sometimes jump out of bed and begin to paint first thing in the morning. Painting makes me happy. Those who see my work say it makes them happy too. I’ve sold over one hundred paintings through my online presence and galleries and art shows in North Carolina. I also teach beginning acrylic workshops for kids and adults

I’m pleased to be a member of the Smith Island Art League of Bald Head Island, North Carolina. 

If you’d like more information about my art or you want to buy or commission a painting, please contact me at BKYounger@gmail.com. I’m glad to ship a painting for $10.

Galleries and Shops: I’m grateful to have my work displayed at these creative and upbeat places. Hooray for gallery owners who support local artists.

Margaret Lane Gallery in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Solgarden in Mebane, North Carolina

The Main Line in Graham, North Carolina

Turtle Central Gift Shop on Bald Head Island, North Carolina. Lots of my beach art here!


100% of the sale of a painting through Turtle Central goes to the work of the Bald Head Island Conservancy. 

On to more of my paintings…


Duck Claims Her Personal Puddle as the Sun Comes Through the Clouds. 16 by 20. Sold.



Egret Ponders the Day Ahead on the Marsh. 18 by 24. $65.


Unicorn Schemes to Rescue Her Planet from the Evil King. 12 by 12. $45.



Bugs at the Crossroads. 12 by 12 in black wood frame. $50.



Sandhill Crane Walks by the River on a Misty Morning. 10 by 20. $55. Sold.



Emu Checks Out the Neighborhood but Decides Not to Stay. 9 by 12. $40.



Blackbird Singing in the Bright of Day. 11 by 14 on canvas panel. $40.



Flowers Happy in the Breeze. 12 by 10 in white frame. $30.



Butterfly Loving Her Green World. 20 by 16. $40.



Sheep, Whose Happiness is Transparent on a Sunny Day. 9 by 13. $40.



Bird Stays Up Late to Watch the Night Sky. 8 by 10. Sold.



Cat in Purple Clover. 11 by 14. $40.


Alligator Takes His First Walk in the Snow. 12 by 9. $40.



Bee in Her Kingdom. 10 by 10. $35.



A Different Hillsborough. 16 by 20. $50.



Philosophy Bird Ponders Ancient Schemes. 12 by 12 on up-cycled canvas and light blue frame. $40.



Rabbit Arrives at the Estate. 16 by 20. $50.


Lighthouse and Clouds

Old Baldy Enjoys the Swirling Clouds. 9 by 12. Canvas Panel. $40



Fieldmouse Has a Field Day. 18 by 24. $55.



Eleanor Rigby, Pleased to Collect More Rice for Her Mosaic Back at the House. 9 by 12. $35 on canvas panel.



Three Is Not Always a Crowd. 10 by 10. $35.



Cat in Snow

“The Flakes Are Huge,” Said Cat. 12 by 12. $40.


Cow- 7 by 12

Cow Wishing the Grass Tasted Like Buttercream (7 by 12 up-cycled metal plaque). $30.


And the Raven, Never Flitting, Still Is Sitting. 12 by 18. $40.



Cat Shelters in Place But Wonders What She Might Be Missing.  10 by 8. $45.



With Fierce Determination, Ducky Takes Off Down the Creek. 12 by 10 wooden board. $35.


Fish Negotiations

Fish Negotiations. 12 by 12. $40.


A Thousand Flowers

A Thousand Flowers Greet the Morning. 12 by 9. Sold.



Seagull Adds to His Sea Glass Collection. 20 by 20. $60.


Sea Monsters

Sea Monsters Head to the Cottage for a Cup of Tea. 12 by 12. $40.



Sea Gull Sings Goodnight to the Lighthouse. 12 by 12. $40.


Paul the Potato Takes a Stand

Paul the Potato Takes a Stand. 8 by 10. $25



Eggbert Stands Firm and Refuses to Go into the Cake. 8 by 10. $25.



Bird Chirps a New Song. 11 3/4 by 8 on wood with orange cord for hanging. $30.


Baby Owl

Baby Owl Soaks in the Wisdom of the Skies. 8 by 8. $35.


20200805_105709 (2)

Duck Sells the Farm and Becomes a Professional Drummer. 16 by 20. $50.



Kat, Ready for her Interview. 16 by 20. $55.


Ms. Bear Moves into the Oval Office. 20 by 20. Sold.


Snuggle Bunny Escapes the Nursery

Snuggle Bunny Escapes the Nursery.  20 by 16. $50.


Bathub Sailboat Dreams of the Great Lakes

Bathtub Sailboat Dreams of the Great Lakes. 11 by 14. $40.


Paint Set Decorates the Sky on a Gray, Gloomy Day

Watercolor Set Decorates the Sky on a Gray, Gloomy Day. 20 by 16. Sold.


Play Dinosaur Morphs into a Real One and Visits the Museum

Play Dinosaur Morphs into a Real One and Visits the Museum. 20 by 20. $55.


Vintage Sheep and Yoyo Enjoy the Breeze

Vintage Sheep and Yo-yo Enjoy the Breeze. 16 by 20. $50.


Rag Doll

Rag Doll on Her Way to Town for a Store-bought Dress. 12 by 12. $40.



Kaleidoscope Studies Her Own Shapes in the Mirror. 16 by 20. $45.


Play Dough

Play Dough Flowers in a Play Dough Pot Decorate the Palace of a Real Queen. 12 by 12. $35.


The Marbles Have a Field Day

The Marbles Have a Field Day. 20 by 16. $50.



Rocket Ship Heads Straight to Mars. 12 by 24. Sold.

I also do custom orders:  Let me know what you’d like. Katie requested a pig!