Birthday Bird and I welcome you to my artist website. I paint for children and whimsical adults. Each of my paintings tells a bit of a story. The viewer gets to figure out what happens next!

I use acrylics because the colors are vibrant and the medium is forgiving. A new artist, I sometimes jump out of bed and begin to paint right away. Painting makes me happy, and those who see my work say it makes them happy too.

I do custom paintings too. Just tell me what you’d like, and I’ll paint it for you on any size canvas you choose. I can do stretched canvas or canvas panels.

For more information, please contact me at BKYounger@gmail.com

Sumer Waltzing Flowers

Flowers Dancing a Summer Rain Waltz (10 by 8)


Sailboat Goes on a Joy Ride (12 by 12)

Baby Whale

Baby Whale Euphoric in Her Splashing Blue Sea (9 by 12)



Goose Tickled Pink to Discover She Laid A Golden Egg (8 by 8)

Blue Cow Wishing Her Grass Tasted Like Buttcream Frosting

Cow Wishing Her Grass Tasted Like Buttercream Frosting\ (10 by 6 on a reclaimed metal plaque)


Humpty and a Friend Dance in the Rain (12 by 12)


Sun Spots (12 by 12)


Pig Leans on the Barnyard Fence and Dreams of Life in a Mud Castle (10 by 10)


Frog Princess, Not Waiting to Be Kissed but Wishing Someone Would Bring Her Some Fly-flavored Ice Cream (8 by 8)

20180326_093442-1 (1)

Baby Bird Feeling Anxious on His Second Day Out of the Nest  (8 by 10)

She Made Herself Queen

She Made Herself a Queen Forever (10 by 10) 


Churton the Bug Takes in the View (10 by 8)

Two Goofy Bird

Two Goofy Birds Have a Serious Discussion About the Recent Snowstorm (8 by 10)

Moon Goddess as a Girl

Moon Goddess When She was a Little Girl  (8 by 8)



Baby’s First Look at the Moon (12 by 12)


Grandmother Worried About the Carrot Crop (10 by 10)

For more information, email me at BKYounger@gmail.com. Paintings are done on canvas board or stretched canvas.


Bald Head Island Paintings

Bald Head Island is a second home to me. Here are some paintings of that enchanting place.

Two Friendly Sea Monsters and a Giant Flying Fish Escort the Ferry to Bald Head Island

Two Friendly Seas Monsters and a Flying Fish Escort the Ferry to Bald Head Island (12 by 9)

The Moon Howls Back (2) (1)

The Moon Howls Back (8 by 10)

Ibis Arrives to Repair the Boathouse

Ibis Arrives to Repair the Boathouse(10 by 8)

Dinosaur Chats with Two Egrets in the Creek on Bald Head Island

Dinosaur Chats with Two Egrets in the Creek on Bald Head Island (14 by 11)

Seagull Decides Which Way to Fly at the Point

Seagull Deciding Which Way to Fly at the Point (11 by 14)

I also paint tiny canvas greeting cards.

Here’s Mother’s Day:




And gift bags:

Barbara Younger Gift Bags

Locally, you can find my work at Margaret Lane Gallery here in Hillsborough, North Carolina.


Solgarden in Mebane, North Carolina:


And The Owl and the Rabbit Gallery in Burlington, North Carolina.


Some of my Sold Paintings:

While I can’t do the same painting again, I’m happy to paint you one that is similar:


Goose Worrying that He’s Not Brave Enough to Ride the Roller Coaster


Flowers, Overhearing Family Secrets but Keeping Their Lips Buttoned Shut

Undecided Flowers

Undecided Flowers



Matthew, the Swirly Purple Bug, Plans His Day in the Field (12 by 12)


A Giant Frog Named Yvette Contemplates Moving into Stickworks


Giraffe Treats Two Bunny Friends to Lunch at Stinky


Cat Planning Four of Her Nine Lives (10 by 10)



A Teacher with Her Bright and Colorful Students


Flowers Sending Joy to the Pot on a Blue Gray Day


Cat Smiles About Spring (12 by 16)



Stegosaurus and Two Bird Friends Arrive in Hillsborough


Dolphin Rescuing a Baby Bunny as the Sun Sets


About Some of My Sold Paintings: I’m delighted that three of my paintings are on display at Dogwood Psychological Center for Children and Families in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Dolphin and Baby Bunny grace the wall of a classroom at Hillsborough Elementary School. Three paintings sold this winter at a fundraiser for the Burwell School, an historic house in Hillsborough.


Barbara Younger

Katherine Paterson Prize

My picture book manuscript, Christabel and Mr. Reader, was a finalist for the Katherine Paterson Prize.

The Alphabet

Lines and squiggles
Made twenty-six ways,
Turn into words
Before my gaze.

-Barbara Younger

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