I create custom paintings for nurseries, kids’ rooms, medical offices, schools, and other places where kids and whimsical adults will enjoy seeing them.

Each of my paintings comes with a bit of a story. The kids get to fill in the rest!

For more information, email me at BKYounger@gmail.com. Paintings may be any size you like and done on canvas board or stretched canvas, ready for you to frame or hang without framing. Prices range from $25 to $100. Shipping is additional.


Lion Walking in Blue Rain


Goose Worrying that He’s Not Brave Enough to Ride the Roller Coaster


Elephant Giving Advice to Two Bird Friends


20171021_152117-1-1 (1).jpg

Owl Deciding What Color Frosting She Wants on Her Birthday Cake



Dolphin Rescues a Baby Bunny as the Sun Sets



 Hippo Pondering History on the Lawn of the Burwell School



Stegosaurus and Two Bird Friends Arrive in Hillsborough


20171027_143109-1 (1)

Giraffe Making a Tower of Magic Spots



A Giant Frog Named Yvette Contemplates Moving into Stickworks


Giraffe Treats Two Bunny Friends to Lunch at Stinky in Brooklyn


Nellie Jane Takes a Balloon Ride

About the Paintings: I painted Elephant, Owl, and Giraffe for Dogwood Psychology Center for Children and Families in Hillsborough, North Carolina. I did Dolphin for a second grade class at Central Elementary School, and Stegosaurus, Yvette the Giant Frog, and Hippo for a fundraising event for the Burwell School, an historic house in Hillsborough. I painted Goose in my painting class, and he’s going on the wall of my artist friend Ann Hobgood.

Giraffe in Brooklyn was painted for Caroline, who loves to dine at Stinky. Nellie Jane’s mom loves hot air balloons, so I painted her little girl riding in one.

I love painting toys, too, because toys can be so important. I painted this for my grandson, Mazen. His turtle and ball lose their kite one day on the beach. A sad event. The ball’s name is Spikey, and it’s his fault because he didn’t hold tightly to the kite string. But Turk the Turtle, gentle soul that he is, has already forgiven Spikey and is helping him back to the beach cottage.